20 October 2010

a big update


shanna's pregnant!

it was quite a shock to both of us when we found out back in late august. at that time, things were in full swing with the adoption. we told our social worker right away, and still offered our continued support and commitment to the birthmom we were matched with if she still wanted to go through with the adoption. since that didn't end up panning out, per agency policy the adoption is now on hold until sometime after baby #1 is born. God's timing is funny sometimes.

we are overjoyed and ecstatic to say the least. and at least for now i think we're past the confusion stage. as you can imagine initially there were all the questions like "where was this 3 years ago???" and "why now of all times???", etc. ...that doesn't mean we weren't/aren't grateful (we're overjoyed and ecstatic)...it was just a lot to swallow at the time.

here's what we know:
1. medicine and biology have a place... but ultimately God is the one who opens and closes doors.
2. God's sovereignty (in all areas of life) is bigger than we can fathom.
3. statistically, only 4% of couples struggling w/ infertility who engage in the adoption process then go on to conceive.
4. it's hard now to be on the other side and tell our friends who are still struggling to get pregnant.

everyone seems healthy and doing well. we saw the little heart beat at an ultrasound a few weeks ago! shanna is currently at the 12 week point, and the due date is May 5th.


28 September 2010

Cory and I want to thank everyone for the incredible outpouring of love and support in regards to our adoption. As some of you know, we were matched with a potential birth mom shortly after coming home from Mozambique.  All plans were a go, even after the baby's birth in mid-September.  However, after loving on her little girl for a few days and some other awesome things...  the mom decided to parent.  While our hearts our sad, we're super excited for the family that God reunited.  Thankfully, we had worked hard to guard our hearts and even tried to prepare for this situation.  There are many details, but many of them just aren't our story to tell.

So, for now, we continue walking with only enough light to see the next few steps and occasional glimpses into the future.  We will update as we're able.  Thank you for sharing this journey with us and for praying.

09 September 2010

Nursery Progress...

*Please note the Steeler-themed stroller.  Yes, I did choose a stroller simply because it is black & gold!  Much to my sweet husband's chagrin.  

19 August 2010

Lisa Leonard Designs

I think I've blogged about this site before and how much I loooove this jewlery - especially with our birthmom in mind (and me of course! haha).  Lisa is having a giveaway today on her blog to her store (and target) because it is her birthday and I'm so super excited about it!  :)  Which item from her store is your favorite?  

Here are some of mine! (Definitely can't pick just one...)


08 July 2010


Yah...  I think its setting in that we might actually have a little human being to take care of 24/7 all by ourselves.  That is really kinda scary!  We're leaving for Mozambique and when we get back we're going to be running!

My mom and I'm not quite sure who else, but the more the merrier (I just discovered we have a outlet for a camper out back, so bring it on!), will be arriving soon after we return to paint and decorate the baby's room.  And we have to find a pediatritian and I'm not exactly sure what else...  so I'll be taking some books along to Mozambique to get my head organized.

Generally, I've avoided researching anything of substance that is about babies / parenting / what to expect that first year???  Because well... it just felt wrong.  So, now, realizing that this could happen very quickly - I'm - well, what am I feeling?  I'm not overwhelmed or panicky.  Actually, I'm kinda excited!  Excitedly anticipating...  this is a new emotion and its AWESOME!

Here's a peak at some of our baby stockpile...  We're going to have a girl and a boy outfit to bring the baby home from the hospital.  Cory picked out the boy outfit.  :)